Client // De Werkfabriek

De Werkfabriek is a comaker and coworking space situated in the dynamic Binckhorst area in The Hague. The founders of De Werkfabriek are creating a workspace aimed at start-ups, social enterprises and comaker-initatives.

Challenge // De Werkfabriek is a real estate development project. To meet the needs of the potential tenants and members of this work community, De Werkfabriek wants to transform the traditional real estate rental model to a modern coworking concept with a matching business model.

Result // We develop and deepen the coworking concept, vision and strategy. Branding this coworking space and it’s unique identity is a principal key to success. The results are a clear market approach and a unique proposition for potential members and tenants. With an attractive membership model, a great and inspiring work environment, challenging events and incubator programs, De Werkfabriek is ready to fulfill the ambition to become the centre of knowledge and inspiration for social entrepreneurs in The Hague.

Interior & Styling // Monique Middelburg – Mink Styling