Client // Drabbe

Drabbe is a true and dedicated family business. For over 25 years Drabbe delivers quality components for industrial machinery. Professionalism, profound knowledge and client focus come first in this loyal and innovative company.

Challenge // Drabbe is growing. There’s a need for more space and more workplaces. In addition to that, there are some new developments: more training sessions for clients will we organized in the office and, because of the growth, there is the wish to improve collaboration and communication between the teams within Drabbe.

Result // Together with management and employees, we identify the needs and improvements. That’s how we create awareness and ownership for this change process. We redesign the office and the 1st floor is transformed into a multifunctional workspace which can be transformed into meeting space, coworking space or training location. The style and atmosphere reflect the innovative caracter as well as the rich history of this family business. Through workshops managers and employees reshape their ways of working and collaboration. They set new principles which match the future of Drabbe.