Infinitas Learning is a dynamic educational resources company and one of Europe’s leading providers of innovative and engaging products and services for teaching and learning.

Challenge // Innovation and digitalization are key to Infinitas Learning. Knowledge sharing based on solid and actual market information within and between the operational companies in Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is vital. The group intranet is being replaced by a platform that should stimulate online collaboration between all layers and fields of expertise in the opco’s.

Result // To realize the ambitions on online collaboration, we help to create a vision with all stakeholders. The vision supports the wished for culture and renewed ways of working within the opco’s. To garantee engagement we start building a community of partipants and users from the start of this ‘continuous development project.’ We create a movement that supports the next step in new ways of working and a next level in collaboration within the group.

Our next step is guidance and further community building during the realization of the project.

Inspiration The 5 Principles of Collaborative Communication // Oscar Berg