Klant // NewCompany Creations

NewCompany Creations is a boutique consultancy agency and a network of professionals. De new location in The Caballero Factory is the home base and the place to meet, create and work, but should also be suitable for workshops and client meetings.

Challenge // Diverse wishes for a relatively small unit and surface. The Caballero Factory is an old building with some acoustic issues. The unit in the populair #CabFab should represent and reflect the way of working and the projects executed by NewCompany Creations and partner Studio van ‘t Wout.

Result // After creating moodboards and a design, we created a multifunctional office which serves as meeting-, coworking- and workshop space. A big square tabel as the centerpoint of the unit. The acoustic issues are solved by combining materials smart. Unit 2 is a colorful and representative space and the base of the NewCompany Creations activities. The office can also be rented for meetings and workshops.