The Community Office // Our Unique Approach // We create COWORKING communities #newwaysofworking #hetnieuwewerken

The Community Office

A creative label and a proven approach to facilitate coworking and create new ways of working. The Community Office will help you with your next step in the new world of work. We do this by building communities and by providing customized solutions for different kinds of challenges regarding the future of work. We develop coworking concepts, we design & build smart spaces and offices, enable communities online and face-to-face and create a coworking mindset.

What we believe

People who work in an inspiring environment and feel at home, are happy, creative and productive. The context seduces. A workplace is seductive if it matches the identity, activities, ambition and culture or brand of an organization. That’s why we always cocreate a new work environment with the potential users or members; the way to create and implement new ways of working and coworking succesfully!