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Rachid Lechheb // Managing Partner Ebrella Home for Digital

Our favorite clients …

Our customers shape and create the future of work. They are boadmembers, teammanagers, HR or IT directors, work in the field of facility management and/or have an innovative role in their organization. Sometimes they are owners of coworking spaces or real estate developers…


They are committed to make a difference and they grab opportunities in the changing labor market and economy. They know that it’s time for a shift, the next step and next generation workers, a new vision, a refreshing approach, a clever concept and tangible results.

What business are you in?

Corporate // nonprofit // small business

“We really want to benefit from investing in new ways of working”

  • How can new or different ways of working contribute to innovation and productivity?
  • How do we build our community and stay connected with eachother and our customers?
  • How do we incorporate future developments and trends in the field of coworking?
  • How can we renew our organization (Agile)?
  • How to stay an attractive brand and business for the next generation?
  • How to implement new ways of working really smart in our organization?

Coworking Space

“We are looking for an inspiring concept and a clever business model”

  • Is there a market for my coworking space?
  • What’s a good business and earning model?
  • How do I start a coworking space?
  • How do I create my brandstory and proposition?
  • How do I design a functional and inspiring coworking space?
  • How to build a community (physical and online)?
  • How do I operate my coworking space smart?

Property owner // Real estate developer

“Exploit my (empty) building, act quickly and grab opportunities”

  • I’m looking for smart ideas and concepts to exploit (empty) property / real estate or my*)
  • How to develop an inspiring concept with a good business case and earning model?
  • How to make my (empy) space attractive?
  • How to anticipate on trends in the coworking- / flexmarket?
  • How to find the right network to start or atttract a coworking community?
  • How to exploit, operate and manage my space effectively?

*) hotel lobby, restaurant, theater, café, gas station, old school etc.?