The Community Office // Rosan Gompers & Saskia Vrolijk // #newwaysofworking #hetnieuwewerken

Rosan Gompers

Expert in new ways of working // vision & ideas // spark & concept // inspiration & roadmap…

“Visualizing the power and potential of an organization, concept or brand by connecting people and their environment, is what drives me. There has to be a fit.”

Saskia Vrolijk

Architect & designer // challenging ideas & designs // listening // creating beautiful and matching workspaces

“Listening to people is the basis for a good design. It’s the only way to stay creative in our assignments and come up with fresh and original ideas.”

The Community Office is a collaboration between two experts in new ways of working. The people behind The Community Office are Saskia Vrolijk of Studio van ‘t Wout interieurarchitecten and Rosan Gompers of NewCompany Creations. Both have years of experience in creating new work environments. Saskia as a creative and interior designer and Rosan as a concept developer, organizational strategist and innovator.



Rosan and Saskia complement each other in their fields of work and speak the same language. A unique combination of expertise in an integrated approach. And that’s a big pro for anyone dealing with design challenges and the future of work. ‘We build coworking spaces in large and small organizations and help you to create new ways of working. We love to share our ideas with you. Welcome to The Community Office!