Trend update // The Future of Work

Dear change maker! We are proud to share our first online trend update. We launched our new label last spring to support you in creating better solutions in new ways of working and inspire you on the future of work. We share our latest insights, ideas & solutions with you in our quarterly updates. In this trend update we share 3 major trends. Trends we spot in offices, coworking spaces, but also in whished for (co-)working cultures. But first some facts & figures….

Thank you for joining our community! Saskia & Rosan


  • over 50% of all organisations have introduced new ways of working, 70% is thinking about changing work-environments, creating coworking cultures and new way of collaborating
  • the reasons (& results) are: employee satisfaction, creating a culture of responsibility and collaboration, becoming an attractive employer for next generations, productivity and cost-savings
  • introducing new ways of working has as positive impact on the wellbeing of employees, if well introduced
  • keys to success are: creating a tailor-made concept, co-creating a new environment together with the users, introducing the right technology and focus on mind-set and organizational culture during the change process
  • the best place for work offers a diversity of workfacilities // activity based working
  • the focus is shifting from new ways of working to smart ways of coworking & collaboration
  • the number of entrepreneurs and ‘zp’ers’ will continue to grow in the next years
  • the majority of them is interested in working in a coworking space
  • they are not primarily interested in renting a desk, they are looking for community, likeminded people, belonging, network & knowledge
  • 79% of the coworking spaces expect an increase of members and 74% expect and increase in revenue (Coworking Survey 2015)
  • corporates start using coworking spaces as an extended office and as an inspiration for innovation and a new culture & mindset
  • employees say they’re happy to be able to work in coworking spaces, next to working at the (traditional) office or working at home
  • there are still many empty office spaces/ unused buildings (% depending on region and city)
  • there is a huge gap between the traditional real estate-/office market (supply) and the next generation (co-)working scene (demand)
  • traditional earning models and pricing are blocking cooperation and new business opportunities
  • investing in and collaborating with the co-working market by developing smart concepts will create growth opportunities in the real estate industry
  • the workplace can be a place where people actually leave healthier than when they arrive in the morning; ergonomics, smart design & technology will impact office design


Change is the only constant and organizations face constant change. They can survive only by their ability to adapt. The speed of change is going up. How to adapt your work environment to that? The future office will require flexibility and adaptation to constantly changing needs and changing flexible teams. Office design will literally help to break down the walls and follow the rhythm of your organization & ecosystem. Not only your workers can become flexible… your office can become flexible too. By designing offices smart and by using flexible elements your office of workspace will be futureproof and more sustainable.


Nature has always been a source of inspiration. Being in nature brings comfort, peace of mind and consolation. It enhances creativity, focus and – through this – productivity. Taking time in nature is an investment with return, being offline is an new form of luxury. People are looking for ways to bring nature back to their daily and urban lives. Green and healthy offices are a big trend in work concept- and office design. It will help you to connect to the next generation workers.


We move away from working at home to working in a more personal and ‘homey’ environment. People love to meet people and interact and work in a social and functional environment. This is reflected in space- and office design, but also in multifunctional (work) environments such as coffee bars, libraries, hotel lobby’s, airports etc. They become extensions of our home. People who travel & work connect in these places and meet coworkers. They create new economies and ecosystems and form the new working tribes.

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