Client // Ebrella Home for Digital

Ebrella Home for Digital is a network and community for digital and creative professionals. The aim of this entrepreneurial community is to facilitate likeminded people to meet, share knowledge, assignments and the latest tech developments. This coworkingspace in The Caballero Factory welcomes anyone who is curious to meet, join, share, organize events or come by to have a coffee and explore.

Challenge // Ebrella Home for Digital transforms the former Workalot in The Caballero Fabriek to a coworkingspace. The focus is shifting from renting desks, an office or square metres to building a community. Ebrella Home for Digital wishes to facilitate the needs of the next generation creative entrepreneur and digital professional, adapt to the latest coworking trends and inspire members to new ways of coworking.

Result // In a 3 month period we create a vision, brandstory and renewed propostion together with the Ebrella team. Next to that, we changed the earning model, the communication and interaction with (potential) members and we redesigned the space on a small budget. We helped to implement the new concept and facilitate the growth. The number of members and events is growing rapidly.

Image in header: coworking inspiration at the European Coworking Conference in Milan 2015 //